Family Law / Matrimonial Dispute

Marriage Dissolution/Divorce

According to experts, it is advised to take aid from an attorney rather than losing the case due to a lack of knowledge. It is important to understand the legislation as well as your rights. Every state follows different procedures and you won’t be aware of it without a professional’s help.

Whenever a person feels that he/she is not comfortable with their partner and their choices and hence are willing to get separated. However, in this scenario, you have to follow the process to carry out everything legally and amicably.

How do you file for divorce / dissolution of marriage?

Once you have made up your mind to get separated from your spouse, you need to file a petition in the court where you state that you want to leave your partner. Often known as a divorce petition, the dissolution of marriage petition is another name for it. As mentioned above, dissolution of marriage is quite different in every state. While filing the case, you need to fill in the form with basic information.

What is the process of dissolution / divorce of marriage?

It is not as easy as it seems to be. The dissolution petition or papers don’t have any value until and unless the other spouse signs it. In order to file a proper case in court, the approval of the partner is necessary. The whole process of divorce or dissolution of marriage might take some time.

According to lawyers, it is somewhat better to settle the case before the trial. Instead of taking the issue to the courtroom, the lawyers find better ways to solve it whether through collaborative law, negotiation, or mediation.

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