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Property Inheritance & Real Estate

Transferring and Mutating ownership rights of the property. Assistance in separation of your share in a jointly owned property.

Adoptions Inter Country & Domestic

Providing legal services to prospective adoptive parents in adoption related matters at domestic and international levels.

Matrimonial Disputes & Child Custody

Representing clients before all courts in India. Providing legal services in matrimonial and family law matters to domestic and international clients.

Criminal Litigation & Bail

Representing clients in cases related to cheating, frauds and criminal law and availing favorable decisions from the Court.

Citizenship Problems & Immigration

Delivering extensive range of legal services & representing clients in the field of Immigration and Citizenship matters in all courts of law.

Medical Negligence & Malpractice

Extensive dealings in cases involving medical negligence by doctors, seeking expert opinion and filing petitions for damages in Court.

Domestic & International Arbitration

Experienced law firm in international and domestic arbitration and other forms of Dispute Resolution, such as conciliation and mediation.

Business & Corporate Laws

We provide dynamic corporate consultancy and multiple business services to foreign and domestic companies wishing to establish a business.

Labour & Employment

We provide legal opinion to employees and employers with any matter related to sexual harassemnt policy, employment contract, work place rules, salary and bonus etc.

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