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Court Marriage / Marriage Registration

By solemnizing the court marriage procedure, you can give your marriage the legal validity. It is a simple and economical procedure. Upon completion, the participants are given a marriage certificate signed by the Marriage Registrar of the concerned jurisdiction.

What is Court Marriage?

Authorised by the Marriage Registrar a court marriage can only be performed between a man and a woman who are only over the age of 21 and 18 respectively.

How Does A Court Marriage Work?

In India, court marriage is solemnized either by the Marriage Act of 1954 or the Special Marriage Act. Under both these Acts, a court marriage process can be performed when a person marries someone of the opposite sex and the man is above 21 years and the woman is above 18 years of age.
The Hindu Marriage Act comes into force when both parties are Hindus. For inter-caste marriages, court marriage is conducted under the Special Marriage Act.

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